About RepairCarJobs.com

RepairCarJobs.com is a two sided marketplace in Singapore that connects service providers that provide automotive repair and maintainence services with car drivers who want a free quick and easy to use website that transparently compares all service provider based on what is most important to them (e.g price, distance, reviews, availability). RepairCarJobs.com does not recommend or endorse specific car workshop or service provider listings on the RepairCarJobs.com platform. Instead, it provides the opportunity for service providers to price and win new job and build a reputation by allowing users to feedback on its service. Reach out to us We’re here to help answer your questions. Before sending us a message, we encourage you to check out our FAQ page. Questions can also be directed to our main phone line and email address: (65) 68029576 support@repaircarjobs.com Working at RepairCarJobs.com See available positions Joining a team which is constantly learning and celebrating milestone achievements, we offer competitive employee package. Check out the employee opportunities by clicking the link above.