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The air-conditioning system in a car requires regular maintenance just like air-conditioning systems at home for effective functioning. There are many car aircon service companies that offer various services of high quality. The AC repair services include repair of AC compressor, fixing, repair, refrigerant leaks and many other services. The aircon service is made available at affordable prices. The repair services are carried out by experienced and trained mechanics and all the faults are checked properly.

Need for Regular Aircon service The experienced mechanics ensure that the air-conditioning system of your car is working effectively and you can enjoy your driving experience irrespective of the weather condition. The AC system in your car needs to be periodically checked and visual inspection of all components must be done. It is important that performance test is also done, and if required, gas replacement and disinfection of AC system must be done. Regular maintenance of aircon is imperative as it saves the cost on repair.

Benefits of Aircon Service The key benefits of getting the car Aircon service regularly is that the AC filter helps to keep the air in the car clean. You can enjoy cool air in summer and warm dehumidified air in winter. The environment around is odor free and pleasant at all times.

During service the main procedures involve inspection of pulleys and drive belts, and the operation of thermostats and valves is checked. The inspection of components and hoses is also done during the process. The system is evacuated and refrigerant recovered. Refrigerant oil is added in the required amount and the temperature of the condenser is also checked. Most importantly, the leak test system lines are checked with an electronic leak detector.

It is, therefore, best to get the car air-conditioning system serviced regularly for its proper functioning, and enjoying your drive.

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