About the Site:

What is RepairCarJobs.com?
RepairCarJobs.com is a two sided marketplace in Singapore that connect Car Drivers with Service Providers that provide vehicle repair, modification, servicing and associated services. Car drivers who want a free quick and easy to use website that transparently compares all service provider based on what is most important to them (e.g price, distance, reviews, availability).
Who should use this site?
This site is for everyone who needs help with their cars. Be it diagnosis, service or getting the car accessories. It is not for people to people to collate the price or information for personal or commercial reference. All the job posts are live and the service provider will receive the alert to quote indidually.
Before Posting the Jobs:
What information do you need to use the website?
i) Screen name chosen by you, ii) Email address, iii) Mobile number (it will be displayed to service provider that have quoted for your request through the site and you have accepted the quote which is indicative and non-binding.), iv) Vehicle plate number, v) Make and model, vi) Year of registration, vii) Type of jobs needed and description of the job, viii) Search Location of service provider
Do I have to pay to use the site?
No credit card is needed. No payment is need for driver to get quotes on the site.
After Posting the Job:
How do I get the quotes from the service provider?
Service providers will contact you via messaging system. Once you receive an email from us telling you there is a quote, simply login to the site.
How long will it take to get a response?
There are many factors that decides how long it will takes to get a response. Time of the job posted, availability of the mechanics, the accuracy and description of your information provided. New service providers are signing up with us so we can expect faster response time. If you would like to add your service provider e.g car workshop, do let us know and we will get in touch with them.
Can I contact the service provider?
Once they have provided the quotes, you can login the messaging board. Simply post any questions that you might have.
Selecting the service provider:
How do I accept a quote?
Simply login to the site, select the service provider button of the particular job request. Please note all quotes the quote accepted through the site are indicative and non-binding. Then you should arrange an appointment date and time with the service provider.
Meeting with the service provider:
What should I do during my meet up with the service provider?
If you choose to instruct the service provider to carry out any job for you, we recommend that you have your own written agreement with them stating the work to be done and price to be paid. Payment will be between you and the service provider.
After meeting with the service provider:
Can I give my feedback?
You would receive an email prompting you to provide a feedback of the service provider. You may rate it, leave a comment. Your feedback is important!